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Same Day Metals Testing and Alloy Analysis

Two Metal Alloy Analyzers in WJMG's Lab:

The ARL 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer & Alloy AnalysisARL 3460 Metal Analyzer

The ARL 3460 Metal Analyzer is an optical emission spectrometer which is used to verify the chemical composition of all metals provided by clients for testing in the WJMG laboratory.

The 3460 is able to analyze an extensive range of materials including all ferrous alloys, copper base alloys, aluminum alloys and nickel based alloys. This along with its accompanying computer package incorporating sophisticated software provides a rapid analytical service, which is accurate and very reliable.

Metals are classified by appearance, dimensions, weight, chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal coefficients and electrical conductivity. There are numerous analytical methods used to identify, classify and specify metals.

Metallurgy explains the properties, behavior, and internal structure of metals.

The behavior of steel can be predicted. Forecasting the internal actions of steel during thermal cycles and welding is common. Welding metallurgists predict what steel will do as it is welded.

Material Test Reports (MTRs) for metal components used in weldments are a code requirement. Occasional auditing of a metal with its MTR is good business.

Steel contains ingredients with the iron commonly called alloy elements. Most of the alloy elements are added to iron in small amounts, but they have a great effect upon the properties of the steel.

Forensic expert discovery about the material choices available when selecting metals for welding is invaluable in most cases. Expert knowledge about metal exposes discontinuities that may become defects.

Alloy analysis is one of the tools WJMG uses. Numerous engineering catastrophes were traced to the use of incorrect materials. In warfare, the society that masters metal wins the battle.

The forensic welding expert gathers samples of materials from the welding facility for independent verification and compares the material test reports with published specifications.

Metals confirmation audits are a choice.

The Niton XRF for quick Alloy Analysis Same Day results in most cases!NITON XRF Portable Alloy Analyzer

NITON XRF portable alloy analyzer primarily for portable analysis of stainless steel alloys, aluminum alloys and other metals.

We can analyze small metal pieces or melt drill cuttings, filings and metal shavings with our “electric arc button furnace” to create a specimen for quick alloy analysis.

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